Har Ki Doon Trek – Trekking in Uttarakhand

Har Ki Doon—the God’s Valley is not among those treks which demand an arduous and taxing climb first before the exquisite visual fare of Himalayas actually begins. Right from that turn of the road on the drive from Dehradun to base camp of village Sankri that catches up with the course of the Supin river, the surrounding view starts getting absolutely fabulous. Winding through pine-topped forest cover, a string of quaint villages, and a gradually manifesting snow peak panorama, this trek is composed with stuff of dreams. Climaxing on the final summit haul with the cradle-shaped valley waiting welcomingly at the end of the road, this trek is as much about peace as of challenge.

Besides nature’s bravura, Har Ki Doon is also a journey steeped in cultural riches. This fabled trail is identified with the pathway to heaven treaded by the heroes of Mahabharata, the spellbinding vision of the Swargarohini peak from the valley carrying the feel of the epic within it. Life and people’s culture in the villages through which the trek route trails also carries testimony to this mythical past, the most fascinating landmark on the route being the temple of Duryodhana in village Osla. The simple lives in these hamlets on the hills full of eager, smiling faces against the backdrop of sweet nature becomes one of the best cherished memories on the trek.

From a few miles before Sankri, the base camp village, the route enters the precincts of the Govind National Park. A rich variety of flora and fauna feature in these jungles. For nature lovers, botanical researchers, or wildlife enthusiasts, it would be a good idea to carry a notebook for there are multiple varieties of conifers, birds, beasts, and flowers to be found in this wilderness. In the days to come, you will lose yourself foraging pine cones, watching birds, and listening to the music of the whispering woods, rejuvenating till deep down.

Whom Is This Trek For?

Har Ki Doon Trek is suitable for beginners and seasoned trekkers alike. With 6 hour of hiking everyday on the average, it can be a thorough challenge to stamina, opening up beginners to the adrenalin rush of a typical Himalayan experience. Despite the extensive trekking hours per day, it’s still a doable one for starters since the entire course winds through greenery and shade of a forest cover, striking out the chances of altitude sickness; is well connected to locality and crosses a number of natural water points and food shacks.

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