What to expect from Har ki Doon trek?

Uttarakhand, also known as ‘Dev Bhumi’, is the home to the Himalayas and it is truly a heaven on the earth. The beauty of the state allures every tourist. The fresh air, the charming beauty, the clean water and the chilling snow is what that differentiates Uttarakhand from the rest of the world. Uttarakhand is a delightful package for the trekkers. It has many trekking spots. One of the most famous and adventurous Trekking in Uttarakhand is Har Ki Doon valley. Read on to know Har Ki Doon Trek review.
A cradle-like valley, Har Ki Doon is positioned at the foot of the Fateh Parvat. This valley is a delight for trekkers, nature lovers and bird watchers. The area is rich in flora and fauna. Opaque forests of pines and dazzling mountain peaks encircle the valley. The trek will take you to one of the least discovered areas of Garhwal Himalayas. The valley has a backdrop of snowy Himalayan mountain peaks and dense jungles of deodar, confer and pine. The Tons River makes meandering loops at this place which increases the splendor. At Netwar village, there is the convergence of the Rupin and Supin rivers. After the junction of the Rupin and Supin rivers, the river is named as the Tons River. You can enjoy river rafting on the Tons River.
The valley is sprinkled with Himalayan flowers and looks vibrant during the monsoon season. The Trekking in the valley is rated as moderate to medium difficulty levels. One should be bodily fit for this trek.
By undertaking the Har Ki Doon Trekking, you get a glorified chance to witness an untouched Garhwal civilization and get to meet the folks belonging to this tribe. Let’s delve deep into the details of this trek through this har ki doon trek blog:
• The maximum elevation of this trek is 4800 m and is a moderate trek.
• When you trek here, you get an opportunity to traverse through lush greenery, meadows and snow clad slopes.
• You get the golden opportunity of encountering rarest of the rare species of fauna and also get to watch the migratory birds.
Har ki doon Trek cost is also affordable.
The best time to trek here starts from the mid of the month of March till June and then again starts from the month of September and ends in October.

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