Why ‘Har ki Doon’ trek is best for the first time trekkers?

Har ki Doon is becoming a popular Trekking site for first time trekkers. It is situated in a beautiful valley in Uttarkashi district of Dev Bhoomi, Uttarakhand. The main reason for popularity of Har ki Doon Trek is, it’s easy to navigate route. Situated 3,556 m above sea level, at the foot of Fateh Parvat, it’s a total bliss for nature lovers.

It is amazing to see that how the simple lifestyle of locals of this valley has not been a bit affected by civilization. It’s a great spot for bird watchers as the variety is innumerable.

Here are some amazing factors why ‘Har ki Doon’ Trek in Uttarakhand is an easy choice for first-timers.


  1. The most important reason is, trekking here does not require any prior experience. You can drool in the pristine beauty of snow covered Himalayas just as simply as going on any other tour.
  2. It is not required to trek up to a very high altitude to get a glimpse of glaciers here.
  3. Not only do you get an experience of mountains but also forests and meadows during the journey.
  4. The trekkers experience a series of incline and level hikes. Unlike other treks, this has very few steep ascents. Thus allowing the trekkers to get a taste of true Himalayan trek.
  5. The variety of unique flora and fauna on the way are huge amusements.
  6. The routes are quite manageable and easy to follow. The trekkers can appreciate the beauty without worrying much about preparation.
  7. After a long tiring walk to the mountains, the trekkers get the soft bed of grass to fall back upon.
  8. The climate is not extreme in anyway. No matter what time it is of the year, trekking in Har ki Doon is always pleasurable.

Har ki Doon Trek Cost

TTH offers affordable Har Ki Doon Trek Packages which are mostly of 6 nights and 7 days. This package includes good quality food in the Himalayas cooked by kitchen staff, camping, and an experienced trek leader to guide you through the whole journey. There are numerous other Uttarakhand Trekking Packages also which are available at Trek the Himalayas.

Har ki Doon Trek Review.

Everyone who has been here had only positive comments about the place. It is called the perfect place for ‘soul searching’ and getting a break from the miserable city life. As reported by many trekkers their journey had not only refreshed their minds but also boosted self confidence and increased the sense of humility in themselves.

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